About Slatwall Hang-Sell Display Prongs

  • Description

There are three main styles of Slatwall Hang-Sell Display Prongs. Each type has it's advantages when it comes to displaying hang-sell merchandise on Slatwall:





 Slatwall Single Pegboard Prong
Made from 5mm thick chromed steel.
Lower cost than other Slatwall
Display Prongs.
The vertical end tip helps prevent the
stock falling off the hook.

 Slatwall Display Prong
Stonger. Made from 6mm chromed steel.
The flat backplate is welded from the
rear and spreads the load over the
Slatwall panel preventing damage
to the face of the panel

Slatwall Europrongs
Double wire construction.
Used to display merchandise in blister
packs with elongated hanging holes.
Helps all packs to hang vertically and uniformly.


Standard Pegboard Hooks and Flipper Label Pegboard Hooks can also be used on Slatwall.


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