About Slatwall Clothing Display Arms

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Why should you buy Slatwall Clothing Display Arms from www.shop4shops.com.au?




 Heavy Duty Construction
Where appropriate to the design, the blades of the bracket feature an elongated "dimple" for added strength.

 Welded from the Rear
To maximise the strength of the lighter
duty brackets the arm is welded
to the backplate from the rear.

 Stylish Backplate
Most styles of Slatwall Clothing Arm feature a curved stylish backplate
not just a flat steel plate.




 Padded Backplate
All Slatwall Clothing Arms and
Rails have a soft pad to protect
your Satwall Panels from

 Detailed Specifications
Every Slatwall Clothing Arm or Rail
listed n this page shows detailed
szes so ou know exactly what
you are getting.

 Consistent Design
When loaded with garments the arms are all at the same angle. And if you
buy more in several years time,
the design will be consistent