About Budget-Priced Plastic Poster Edging

  • Description

The Budget-Priced Plastic Poster Edging is a great product for reinforcing the bottoms of posters. Or as a low cosr poster hanging system in its own right. 

The Poster Edging is made from clear plastic and is suitable for materials up to 1mm thick. Select from standard or custom sizes

 Poster Edging is used mainly on the bottoms of posters in conjunction with other postrer hanging rails to stop the poster from curling.

Poster Edging is supplied pre-packed in bags of 10. Or in packs of 50 for larger orders. The hanger loops
are in bags of 10.

How to use:


Poster Edging is sold in minimum order
quantities of 10.

Slide the Poster Edging on to the tops and bottoms of
the posters. A row of staples can be added to the top of
the poster for extra grip.