FACT SHEET Slotted Wall Stripping Specifications

  • Description

The Slotted Stripping Uprights are manufactured from roll-formed steel which has been punched with either single or double slots.

Double Slot Slotted Stripping is used when the glass or board shelves are butted together with the join located where the Upright Post is located, leading to a continuous level shelf. For most applications the butt join of the shelves can be between the Uprights in which case Single Slotted Stripping can be used.

Single Slot Stripping
Measurements are in mm's.
Countersunk screw-fixing holes are located every 200mm.

Double Slot Stripping
Measurements are in mm's
Countersunk screw-fixing holes are located every 200mm.

The pitch of the Slotted Wall Stripping (the distance from the top of one slot to the top of the next slot is 40mm. This pitch is compatible with most slotted stripping available in Australia except the Kingfisher brand and domestic-quality products sold in hardware stores.

If you are purchasing Stripping or Brackets to go with your existing shelving please make sure they are compatible before placing your order as we have a very strict Returns Policy.

The standard finish of the Slotted Stripping Uprights is chrome or powdercoated white. Other sizes and powdercoated colours can be manufactured to order subject to minimum order quantities. Typically this would involve orders of 50 or more Slotted Strips and 200 or more Shelf Brackets.