About the "Poster Rail" Plastic Poster Hanging System

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The "Poster Rail" Poster Hanging Hanging System is the cheapest of our Poster Hanging Systems. It is easy to use and is readily available in a range of popular sizes.

Subject to minimum order quantities, other sizes can be supplied to suit unique poster sizes.

The "Poster Rails" are made from clear plastic and are supplied as a set with one
top rail, one bottom rail
and two hanging loops.

 The rails are of one-piece construction with a stylish curved profile. The posters slide in to the rails easily
from the side.

 The rear of the poster rails
is flat making them
suitable for mounting
on walls with double
sided tape.

For small orders each set is bagged individually.
Larger orders will be bulk bagged so we provide more attractive pricing.

For large promotional campaigns we can provide these "Poster Rails" packaged to suit your needs. Each set can be individually bagged complete with the hanging display accessories required to complete the display. These accessories can include ceiling fixings and hanging wires of different types and sizes. We can even create Installation Instructions to assist the end user to display your posters in a professional manner. Email us for details.


How to use the "Poster Rail" Poster Display System:



The poster hangers are fully assembled ready to go.
Each set consists of one top rail, one bottom rail and two hanging loops.

To display your posters
slide your poster in from
the side of the poster
hanger. No special tools
are required.

For large or glossy posters apply a few staples along
the top of your poster before sliding it in to the hanger.
This will provide extra grip.

Your poster is now ready
to hang. Check out our
range hanging accessories
to complete your poster