Technical Specifications

  • Description

Eyeline is extruded aluminium consisting of a 6030 alloy with a T5 temper.

The standard finish is matt natural anodised. Subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times, Eyeline can be supplied in other anodised finishes as well as 100's of powdercoat colours.

Eyeline is specified in 5000mm lengths. The actual length supplied is 5020mm which allows for a vertical rack mark when powdercoated. Useable Eyeline is therefore 5000mm when trimmed.

For ease of shipping of small orders the Eyeline may be docked to 2500mm.

There are four Eyeline profiles:





The following are the size specifications for the four profiles:

Eyeline Product Code

Spacing Height between Grooves

Centre to Centre Height of Extrusions

Total Height of Extrusions

Quantity of 5 metre Lengths per Square Metre



 125mm (five slats)





 100mm (two slats)





 75mm (one slat)





 100mm (one slat)



When specifying Eyeline add 35mm to the height of the uppermost extrusion to allow for the upper fixing lug and the Top Capping. This Top Capping hides the screws of the uppermost section of Eyeline.

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice