Eyeline Installation Instructions

  • Description


  • A good Eyeline installation will be as effective as the wall it is fixed to. A mal-aligned wall should be battened out at no more than 600mm centres which is the maximum recommended span between fixings.
  • One installer is sufficient to erect Eyeline but two are recommended 
  • A waterline is recommended to achieve perfect alignment. Starting from the bottom, using any of the three fixing methods below, the Eyeline extrusion is cut to size using a 250mm close toothed tungsten tipped blade suitable for aluminium and preferably a cross cut/docking saw.


  • The Eyeline sections clip on top of each other until the desired height is achieved.


  • The Top Capping is then clipped into the top section to conceal the fixings.
  • The display accessories simply clip into the Eyeline groove and require no fixing