Eyeline Fixing Methods

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Fixing to Timber or Steel Studded Plasterboard

  • Rounded or dome headed Phillips or Posidrive No. 8 headed screws, not less than 25mm should be mechanically driven through the upper flange into the screw guide provided in the Eyeline extrustion.
  • Installation time can be halved by using screws with self drilling tips, of pilot holes will have to be drilled.

Fixing to Plasterboard

  • Standard gravity or expansion toggles can be used to the manufacturers recommendation at centres not less than 600mm apart. This method of fixing is recommended for light applications only and every effort should be made to locate the studs for speed and strength of the installation.

Fixing to Brick or Solid Substrate

  • The method of fixing is the same as for Studded Plasterboard above with the exception of plastic or fibre plugs are inserted into the wall.


  • It is important that every section of the Eyeline is screwed