About Mini Metal Blackboards

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Our range of Wooden Barrels, Crates and Wicker Baskets are one of of our most popular product ranges. Click here for more information.

Because these display products are made from natural materials they have a timeless quality and are much more attractive than metal dump bins and baskets. And they look look more appealing to customers.

In Fruit and Vegetable shops these Barrels, Crates and Baskets help create an
in-store image of farm fresh produce with a more rustic feel. In other types of businesses they help create unique, eye catching displays for many types of merchandise.

But the effect of these rustic looking display products can be negated by using shiny chrome and plastic signage.

Our Mini Metal Blackboards are an effective solution to this problem.

 Select from 4 sizes
From 160x110mm
to 247x158mm

Metal Backing
Made from rust resistant galvanised
sheet steel with 5mm rolled edges

In-built Hanging Rope
Adds to the rustic charm of
these blackboards