About Bamboo Display Crates
About Bamboo Display Crates

About Bamboo Display Crates

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Bamboo Crate

Most retailers recognise the importance of good displays as a means of stimulating impulse sales. Wood has a timeless quality. These Premium quality Bamboo Crates are much more attractive than plastic or cardboard containers. And they will look more appealing to customers.

The Bamboo version Timber Crate is one of our top selling display products for retailers of fresh produce. But they are not just for fruit and vegetables. Cafes turn them upside down and and use them as a plinth to display sandwiches, rolls, cakes and pastries. A leading hotel chain uses them to display stacks of glasses in their buffet. And several clothing shops use them to display clothing accessories like scarves.

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Bamboo Crate 2 sizes

Select from two sizes:
344 x 300 x 88mm, and
422 x 340 x 91mm.

Bamboo Crates colour

The warm, golden tones of the
Bamboo Crates makes them
the popular choice for
eye-catching fresh food displays

Bamboo Crates vs Pine Crates

These Bamboo Crates do
NOT have rough edges, splinters, knots and other imperfections.

Bamboo Crates use open side up

Use them with the open side up

Bamboo Crates us up side down

Or invert them and use them as a small display plinth

Bamboo Crate Stands

Multi Crate Stands are available for these Wooden Crates.