Why are trays made from melamine?

Why are trays and bowls made from melamine?

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About Melamine Plastic

What is Melamine plastic?

Melamine is a hard plastic that is is the most commonly specified raw material used in the manufacture of quality trays and bowls for fresh food displays.

Scientifically it is an industrial compound made by combining melamine resin with strengthening materials. The resultant plastic is lightweight and durable. Quality trays, bowls and platters made from melamine look like porcelain but are tougher and lighter weight.

Features and Benefits of Melamine Plastic

About Melamine Plastic

Melamine is a recyclable plastic.

About Melamine Plastic

Approved by Health Authorities for food contact

About Melamine Plastic

Dishwasher Safe

About Melamine Plastic

Suitable for use from -10 to 110 degrees Centigrade

About Melamine Plastic

Not suitable for use as oven ware or in microwave ovens

About Melamine Plastic

Easy to clean with mild detergents and soft cleaning materials

Frequently asked questions about melamine trays, bowls and platters

Why are Melamine Trays, Bowls so popular for Display Ware and Serving Ware?
The most important reason is safety for your staff. Although melamine bowls, trays and platter have the look of more expensive ceramic products they are lighter weight and tougher. There is considerable less likelihood of your staff breaking them and injuring themselves.

How Tough are Melamine Trays, Bowls and Platters?
Melamine is tougher than most other materials used to make food display and serving ware, except for the much more expensive polycarbonate. Melamine is scratch and stain resistant. Because melamine containers are tougher than china/porcelain many supermarkets, delicatessens and gourmet food companies select melamine containers to avoid frequently having to replace broken china.

Are Melamine Trays, Bowls and Platters Breakable?
Melamine containers are virtually unbreakable during normal use for which they are intended. Dropping melamine containers onto hard tile floors is not recommended. Some chipping may result. Melamine containers will not shatter if dropped, unlike china. Studies have shown that in the average supermarket or delicatessen, about 10-20% of melamine containers may need to be replaced every year, usually due to misuse and lack of care. This worst case scenario compares very favourable to the 50-100% replacement figure for china/porcelain containers.

Are Melamine Trays and Bowls Safe for Use as Display and Serving Ware?
Definitely yes. They have been approved by the FDA's Safety and Risk Assessment Department for this purpose. Testing has shown that there no risk of contamination of food products unless they are heated. Commercial quality melamine display products do not contain BPA.

Can Melamine Containers be used in Commercial Diswashers?
Yes. 100%.  Unlike glazed porcelain display products. Melamine display ware can handle temperatures above most recommended dishwasher water temperatures. One of melamine's properties is its high heat retaining property. This means they dry faster after being washed in a dishwasher.

How do I clean melamine Trays, Bowls and Platters?
To maintain the bright glossy appearance of melamine display products we recommend using mild detergents and soft cleaning cloths.

Can Melamine Trays, Bowls and Platters be used in the Microwave or Ovens?
No. They are not designed for these purposes. Int he microwave or oven melamine products can deform, crack or melt. If you require food display containers that are microwave safe, polycarbonate containers is the main option. But polycarbonate trays and bowls are less scratch resistant.

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