Liquid Chalk Pens 30mm

Kuretake Zig Posterman Biggie 30
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For Posters or
Acrylic and Glass
Select from 5 colours
Cheaper for 12 or more


These Extra Large Biggie 30 liquid chalk pens work brilliantly across a whole range of surfaces from glass to acrylic. These chalk pens have a water-based pigment, are light-fast and odourless.
Our pens can be used on almost any surface and can be removed from any non-porous surface.
This pen has a 30mm nib and is used on larger surface areas like glass window shopfronts and butchers cabinets to highlight sales or specials.
These pens are non-refillable.

Specifications and FAQ's

How to Use:
First, shake your pen. Use a piece of paper and push the pen nib up and down on the paper to release the ink from the pen barrel. Push the nib down on the paper for a few seconds and repeat for around 30 seconds until your pen nib is fully covered in ink.
Colours Available:
White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red
What are non-pourous surfaces?
A non-porous surface is a surface which will not absorb liquid.
Examples: Acrylic, Whiteboards, Glass, Plastic, Mirrors, Metal, Slate and Ceramics
Can I use these with real Chalk Boards?
Maybe. MDF boards which have been painted with chalkboard paint may absorb ink as the surface could still be porous. We would recommend you use a further 3-4 coats of paint to ensure the board is sealed before using any chalk pens on it.
Are these pens toxic?
Our pens are non-toxic, water based and xylene free. The pens are suitable for children over the age of three.

Page last updated 1 June 2020