Tub Insert for Small Wooden Display Barrel

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320mm diameter x 120mm high. Excludes the barrel
Lower Price for 4 or more


These Australian-made Tub Inserts are designed to fit inside the 320mm diameter Wooden Display Barrels. They are used to dummy up the displays so less stock is required to create an abundant, full-looking display. This is more appealing to customer. And for stores, wastage is minimised.

When they are inserted into the Wooden Barrels they are flush with the top. They are compatible with the clear hinged lids for barrels.

The tubs are of a one-piece construction, making them water-tight. There are no joins or seams to attract dirt and grime. They are easier to keep clean.


Made from:
Moulded ABS Plastic
Made in:
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Page last updated 5 December 2022