Display Insights: Tips on Setting Up Fresh Produce Bins

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Maximising Fresh Produce
Sales and Reducing Waste


When it comes to maximising profit in most supermarkets there is no single, magic answer. But we do know that small, incremental changes, when combined, can have a profound impact on the bottom line of a business. Improving fresh produce displays is one of the most important and cost effective of these changes.

Surveys have shown that the quality of a store's fresh food displays is an important reason why customers decide to shop at a particular store. Other surveys show that up to 25% of customers will shop elsewhere if they are not happy with the fresh food quality and presentation.

It is also known that customers that regularly shop in the fresh produce department spend more in other departments.

Customers 'shop with their eyes'. It is challenging to make shelf displays of tinned baked beans or similar products look visually exciting. But it is relatively easy to create exciting looking fresh produce displays. And that is why most successful supermarkets give priority to creating awesome displays of at or near their store entrances.

The Do Nots

These are some of the mistakes many supermarkets make when setting up and maintaining their ambient=temperature fresh produce departments. Although the examples below show standard 900x900mm Produce Bins the principles also apply to other styles of bins and tables

Setting Up Produce Bins Avoid Unstructured Piles Image

No Unstructured Piles

Setting Up Produce Bins Avoid Cardboard Cartons Image

No Cardboard Boxes

Setting Up Produce Bins Avoid Bagged Produce Image

Avoid Bagged Produce

Simply dumping fresh produce on the flat base of the produce bin does not work. It takes more produce to create and maintain abundant-looking displays, there is increased damage to the produce and wasteage increases.

Old cardboard boxes of miscellaneous sizes and colours look terrible. The displays look poor and tell the customers that the business is lazy and does not care.

The aim of all fresh produce displays is to create displays with WOW! Factor to encourage customers to buy the products. Produce Bins full of bagged produce does not do that. There are other ways to display bagged produce.

Setting Up Produce Bins Avoid Dividers Image

Dividers do not work

Setting Up Produce Displays Avoid Understocked Displays Image

No under-stocked displays

Setting Up Produce Displays Avoid Using Poor Signage Image

Avoid Poor Signage

Dividers can work in some instances. But most display staff find them difficult to keep tidy. There are better solutions.

The aim of fresh produce displays is to maintain the look of abundance but with less stock. Many of our display products have been designed with this in mind. Understocked displays should be avoided at all times. Customers will not buy items that look like they are the last of the display or are the oldest stock.

Poor signage including handwritten ones detract from the produce on display.

Setting Up Produce Bins Avoid Mixed Containers

Avoid mixed container styles

A mix of plastic, polywicker, wooden crates and cardboard boxes do not help to create attractive displays.

The Dos

A few accessories can transform the look of many fresh produce displays in Produce Bins.

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Ramps Image

Use Bin Ramps

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Ramps Application Image

Bin Ramps Application

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Steps Image

Use Bin Steps

For standard 900x900mm Produce Bins Ramps and Steps are essential. They help create abundant looking displays with less stock. Select from straight ramps and steps and corner ramps and steps.

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Steps Application Image

Bin Steps Application

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Fruit Separator Mats

Add Fruit Separator Mats

Setting Up Produce Bins Fruit Separator Mats Application


The moulded, soft foam-like EVA mats are a popular way of creating neat, tidy and stable stacks of many items particularly apples and citrus. These mats sit directly on top of the straight ramps.

Setting Up Produce Bins Add Tubs Image

Add Tubs

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Display Tubs Application Image

Tubs Application

Setting Up Produce Bins Add Polywicker Baskets Image

Sample text…

As an alternative to the Fruit Separator Mats our Plastic Tubs, Polywicker Baskets and Wooden Crates can help keep the displays looking neat and tidy.

Setting Up Produce Bins Polywicker Baskets Application

Add Polywicker Baskets

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Correct Size Polywicker Baskets Image

Select Correct Size

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Wooden Crates Image

Wooden Crates

Setting Up Produce Bins Use Wooden Crates Application Image

Select the correct depth containers

Whether you use Baskets, Tubs or Crates always use the correct size. Half empty containers do not look great. On slow days of the week swap over deep containers for shallower ones.

The Finishing Touches

These add-on accessories will help complete the displays.

Setting Up Produce Bins Bag Dispensers Image

Bag Dispensers

Setting Up Produce Bins Ticketing

Ticketing Options

Setting Up Produce Bins Companion Products Image

Companion Products

Setting Up Produce Bins Shopping Baskets Image

Shopping Baskets near the Bins

Need more help? Send us a few in-store photos showing your existing display, tell us about your display dilemmas and we will reply with some suggestions.

Page last updated 13 July 2021