2 A4 & 8 DL Brochure Pocket Double Column Cable

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3mm Acrylic Holders
For A4: 210x297mm
For DL: 210x99mm
Wire to Wire 500mmW


This mixed A4 & DL Brochure combo Cable system is the perfect display for offering take home pamphlets in car dealer showrooms, offices, home builders and any industry requiring a premium display.

The cable brochure display system can be suspended from wall to wall, wall to floor and floor to ceiling with an all in one supplied kit

The 3mm clear acrylic brochure holders are held to our Cable System with single and double pocket fittings that have a shiny satin chrome finish.

Each cable is durable with 4 metres in length that and can be cut to any size. The cable is made from premium galvanised steel.

Please Note:
This product is designed for indoor use only and must be fixed. Installation instructions available upon request.


Total Width of Display:
External DL Pocket Dimensions:
240mmW x 236mmH x 33mmD. 3mm thick acrylic.
Each Internal DL Pocket Dimensions:
108mmW x 142mmH x 30mmD.
For Brochure Size:
DL 210mm x 99mm  Portrait.
External A4 Pocket Dimensions:
240mmW x 324mmH x 33mmD. 3mm thick acrylic.
Internal A4 Pocket Dimensions:
218mmW x 204mmH x 30mmD.
For Brochure Size:
A4 210mm x 297mm  Portrait.
Included in this Cable System Set:
3 Wall to Wall Kits with Cables (includes floor and ceiling fittings), 12 Single Fittings, 6 Double Fittings, 2 A4 Holder, 4 Dual DL Brochure Pocket and mounting screws / plugs. 

Page last updated 15 February 2021