About Slatwall Wire Mesh Display Baskets

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Dump Bins and Baskets are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase impulse sales. 

A recent study conducted in the US indicates that retailers can increase sales by up to 427%  when products are placed in Dump Bins or Baskets. These results apply whether the Baskets are free-standing on the floor or wall-mounted on display systems .

Our Slatwall Wire Mesh Display Baskets are a great way to display promotional, seasonal and clearance merchandise in retail stores. They help increase product visibility, encourage impulse sales by creating a sense of urgency and by playing with the customer's desire for a bargain buy.

Use them for to display slow moving products at any time of the year except at the peak sale times like Christmas and Easter. These times of the year are not the time to promote unwanted product lines but an opportunity to to make as much profit as possible by using these Baskets to sell high margin products.

To maximise the effectiveness of these Dump Baskets to increase impulse sales we suggest:

  • Position the baskets in high traffic areas.
    They can be extremely effective when added to Slatwall mounted on the front of your counter.
  • Keep the baskets full at all times.
    Half empty Bins and Baskets are not as effective.
  • Add signage to highlight the features, and discounts of the products.
    And consider price marking each item with a promotional label.
  • Display one category of product per basket.
    And use different colours in that basket to encourage to look through the basket.
  • Change the display regularly, preferably weekly.
    This will encourage your customers to return for the next bargain.




Select from 4 sizes of
Slatwall Display Basket
To suit most merchandise

Slatwall Display Baskets
with high fronts
For maximum capacity

Or Slatwall Display Baskets
with slanted sides
For ease of access from the front




Detail of the Slatwall back prongs
Compatible with Slatwall and most
similar products. Also compatible with all-aluminium Slatwall, Gridmesh and Punched Metal Pegboard.

Detail of the basket rim
The rim made from 4.5mm thick wire
for strength.
The sides and base are  made
from 2.5mm thick chromed wire.

Detail of the wire mesh
The mesh cell size for the sides
is 100 x 22 mm.
The mesh cell size for
the base is 22 x 22 mm.