Slatwall ... the grooved panel-based display system.

Slatwall is the the number one choice for cost effective, space efficient displays. It is endlessly adaptable with countless creative applications - from wall-mounted to freestanding displays.

Slatwall is frequently specified for displays of Clothing and Accessories, Footwear, Hardware and Automotive, Stationery, Newsagency lines, Toys, Giftware and Sporting.

Slatwall is particularly useful for businesses selling mixed types of merchandise. For example, hang-sell stock, binned and shelved stock and clothing. And Slatwall provides the flexibility to change the displays around easily in response to seasonal or other changes in the merchandise mix.

Select from premium Australian-made Slatwall Panels in hundreds of different colours. Plus largest range of Slatwall Accessories at prices to suit any budget

Have a look at our Photo Gallery for some of the varied applications.

  To find out more or to buy Slatwall and Slatwall Accessories scroll down and click on the picture page links below:  

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