BUY Slatgrid Accessories

Select from hooks, clothing arms, bins and baskets, shelf brackets and more.

The twin horizontal wires of Slatgrid Panels makes them compatible with most Slatwall-compatible display accessories.

Listed below are some of the most commonly ordered Statwall accessories for use with Slatgrid. For a complete range of Slatwall Accessories click here.

The hang-sell hooks and Slatbox bins are great accessories to display smaller items and to generate impulse sales.

Show off complete clothing outfits and clothing accessories with the range of rails and arms.

Or use the Slatgrid Panels to create unique brochure displays with the brochure display pockets.

 Scroll down the page to view the most commonly ordered Slatgrid compatible display accessories: 


SWPB75C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 75mm

SWPB150C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 150mm

SWSHR600 - Slatwall Side Hang Rail - 600mm

BFSWSBA - Budget Slatwall Sloping Blouse Arm

BFSWSA300 - Budget Slatwall Straight Arm - 300mm