BUY Premium Slatwall Straight Shelf Brackets

Slatwall Shelf Brackets at a price to suit every budget.

Now 20%, 30%, 40% even 50% cheaper.

Our straight Slatwall Shelf Brackets (for horizontal shelves) are available in premium (heavy duty) and budget priced (medium duty) styles in lengths from 150mm to 400mm. The standard finish is chrome.

Slatwall Shelf Brackets can be used with glass or board shelves.

Adjustable Angle Shelf Brackets for Slatwall are also available. For more information click here.

For more information on our range of very low cost Board Shelves for these Shelf Brackets click here. And for our low cost Glass Shelves click here.

And to check out our Slatwall Accessories Clearance Specials click here


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About Slatwall Straight Shelf Brackets

SWSB150C - Premium Slatwall Straight Shelf Bracket - 150mm

SWSB200C - Premium Slatwall Straight Shelf Bracket - 200mm

SWSB250C - Premium Slatwall Straight Shelf Bracket - 250mm

SWSB300C - Premium Slatwall Straight Shelf Bracket - 300mm

SWSB350C - Premium Slatwall Straight Shelf Bracket - 350mm

SWSB400C - Premium Slatwall Straight Shelf Bracket - 400mm

SWSC1 - Slatwall Shelf Clip for 6, 8 and 10mm Glass Shelves

SWSC2 Slatwall Shelf Clip for 16 and 18mm Board Shelves

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