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Best Selling Styles at Wow Budget Prices. 

The Budget Clothing Hangers on this page are our best sellers and come with a natural timber finish. For other colours (black, white and mahogany) click here.

Our Budget Timber Hangers are similar to our Premium Timber Hangers but are lighter weight - Budget Hangers are 13mm thick whereas the Premium Timber Hangers are 20mm thick. Select from hangers in 4 adult styles and 2 kids styles.

Due to the significantly lower prices, Budget Timber Hangers are only sold in boxes of 100 hangers.

Selected hangers below are marked as C-Grade Hangers. These show a greater variation in timber grain, colour and natural imperfections but are otherwise identical to the other hangers on this page.

To buy our Premium Timber Hangers click here.


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Box of 100:

H030N - Budget Timber Wishbone Hanger - Natural

Box of 100:

H030C - Budget Timber Wishbone Hanger - Natural

Box of 100:

H133N - Budget Timber Clip Hanger - Natural

Box of 100:

H200N - Budget Timber Wishbone Hanger + Clips - Natural

Box of 100:

H035N - Budget Timber Kids Wishbone Hanger - Natural

Box of 100:

H123N - Budget Timber Kids Clip Hanger - Natural


HS4 - Hanger Stacker

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