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One of several solutions for displaying clothing accessories

This product range is great for creating focus points around your shop:

  • Greate for window displays
  • Or on shelves and counters
  • Or to display merchandise within showcases

These adjustable risers consist of chrome or black metal bases and stems in two sizes. Plus four styles of tops to display a range of merchandise and signs. Perfect for hats, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, bags and display signage.

For similar display products check out the Satin Nickel Risers, T-Bar MerchandisersAccessory Heads and Accessory Busts.

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3I800C - Telescopic Base - 250mm High - Chrome

3I800B - Telescopic Base - 250mm High - Black

3I801C - Telescopic Base - 400mm High - Chrome

3I801B - Telescopic Base - 400mm High - Black

3I810C - Hat Holder - Chrome Stem

3I810B - Hat Holder - Black Stem

3I814C - Handbag Hook - Chrome

3I814B - Handbag Hook - Black

3I815C - T-Bar - Chrome

3I815B - T-Bar - Black

3I816C - Ticket Holder Rod - Chrome

3I816B - Ticket Holder Rod - Black

3I817C - Square Flat Table - Chrome

3I817B - Square Flat Table - Black

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