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A fantastic range of fibreglass and fabric-covered, bendable child mannequins.

Select from the premium quality Flexi Kids or budget-priced Bendy Kids.

Plus there is a new range of Headless Fibreglass Child Mannequins and a cute Baby Mannequin.

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Due to the difficulties in freighting mannequins we may be unable to accept orders from some regional areas of Australia. Or we may need to increase the freight charge automatically calculated by our web site software. Email us for details.


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About Bendy Kid and Flexi Kid Mannequins

MANB - Baby Mannequin - With Sculpted Head

MANK2 - Child Mannequin - Headless - 2 Year Old

MANK4 - Child Mannequin - Headless - 4 Year Old

MANK6 - Child Mannequin - Headless - 6 Year Old

MF311S - Full Bodied Child Mannequin - Girl - Skintone

MF301S - Full Bodied Child Mannequin - Boy

PDKID200 - Flexikid Mannequin - 3 Months Old

PDKID201 - Flexikid Mannequin - 6 Months Old

PDKID208 - Flexikid Mannequin - 1 Year Old

PDKID202 - Flexikid Mannequin - 2 Year Old

PDKID203 - Flexikid Mannequin - 4 Year Old

PDKID204 - Flexikid Mannequin - 6 Year Old

PDKID205 - Flexikid Mannequin - 8 Year Old

PDKID206 - Flexikid Mannequin - 10 Year Old

FLEXIBASE - Optional Flexikid Mannequin Base

PKID300 - Option Head for 3 month to 1 year Flexi Kid

PKID303 - Option Head for 2-4 year Flexi Kid

PKID305 - Option Head for 5-7 year Flexi Kid

PKID307 - Option Head for 8-10 year Flexi Kid

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