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Glass Shelves ready to go. Sold in Cartons of 2.


Our tempered (safety), pre-cut glass shelves are available in a range of commonly-specified sizes and two thicknesses, 6mm and 8mm. All four edges are polished.

Not all sizes are held in stock at all times. Check the specifications for each item before ordering.

Each glass shelf is individually wrapped and boxed in cardboard cartons, two shelves to a carton. All glass shelves must be ordered in multiples of 2 shelves.

These Glass Shelves are ideal for use on Slatwall, Eyeline, Concealed Stripping and Slotted Stripping and Brackets.

Please note: Due to the fragile nature of glass we may be unable to deliver glass shelves, particularly smaller order quantities, to some destinations.

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About Budget Priced Glass Shelves

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 600x300mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 900x300mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 1200x300mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 1500x300mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 1800x300mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 600x350mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 900x350mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 1200x350mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 1500x350mm

Ctn of 2

Glass Shelf - 1800x350mm

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