BUY Nesting Tables for Display

An amazing addition to any store's merchandising.

NEW for 2010.

Use these Nesting Tables to create eye-catching window displays.

Or use them for in-store displays to show off new lines or clearance specials. They work well just inside the entrance to a shop, attracting the attention of passing customers and encouraging them to enter.

They are also useful when used with other display solutions such as mannequins, torsos and shelving display units.

Available in two sizes and two finishes, chrome and satin chrome, both with white laminate tops.



3NT002WC - Nesting Table - Small - Chrome

3NT001WC - Nesting Table - Large- Chrome

3NT002WSC - Nesting Table - Small - Satin Chrome

3NT001WSC - Nesting Table - Large- Satin Chrome