Chrome Wire Mesh Shelving for Display and Storage

Low cost, multi-functional shelving with many applications.

Our popular Chrome Wire Mesh Shelving is attractive, low cost and easy to assemble. It is smart enough to be used for displays in shops, including:

  • Gift and souvenir shops
  • Delicatessens and other food retailers to display dry goods.
  • Toy, computer and games retailers
  • Clothing shops for both folded or hanging items

And strong enough to be used for medium weight carrying applications in the storerooms of offices, schools, libraries, hospitals and food preparation businesses.

The mesh shelves help prevent dust collection. And there are no hidden areas for vermin to congregate.

Select from several sizes to suit most applications. Plus there is a range of accessories to make this shelving even more versatile.


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About Chrome Wire Mesh Shelving

Applications for Chrome Wire Shelving



WS1836HD - Chrome Wire Shelving - 900mm Wide


WS1848HD - Chrome Wire Shelving - 1200mm Wide


WS1860HD - Chrome Wire Shelving - 1500mm Wide


WS1872HD - Chrome Wire Shelving - 1800mm Wide

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