Mark 4 Gondola Retail Display Shelving

Mark 4 Gondola Shelving is the choice for medium duty display shelving.

The Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System is:

  • Tough and durable.
  • Versatile.
  • Economical.

Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System is similar to the Australian-made Mark 5 Gondola Shelving but made in Asia to keep the prices as low as possible. Although made in Asia, Mark 4 Shelving is manufactured under strict quality control to ensure its suitability for Australian retailers.

Mark 4 Gondola Shelving is commonly specified for Auto retailers, Hardware related businesses, Hair Care and Beauty, Manufacturers Agents, Pet Shops, Computer Retailers or any business looking for functional, well-priced display shelving.


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Page last updated 11 Nov. 2011

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