About Monarch Marking Hand-held Labellers

The durable, lightweight hand-held labellers from Monarch Marking.

The Monarch Marking family of user-friendly hand-held labellers is renowned for their lightness, durability and ease of use.

We have been selling the very reliable Monarch Marking Labellers and Labels for 25 years. Even with the introduction of bar code scanning it is a growing market.

Labels are simply everywhere - on your groceries, spare parts packaging, manufactured products and "Sale" items - sometimes with simple price information, date, product group and shelf life. The demand for hand-held labellers is growing all the time - whether in the retail trade, production or logistics.

The Monarch Marking Series 1130 family of Labellers provide a model for every application from simple pricing of merchandise up to multi-line labellers for production and manufacturing.

Plus plain, pre-printed or custom printed labels with several different adhesive types.

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Introduction to Monarch Marking Hand-Held Labellers

Design Features of Monarch Marking Hand-Held Labellers

Print Capabilities and Label Sizes

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