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Data Strips are the professional way to display price and information labels on shelf edges, baskets, in fridges and more.

Research has show that having labels with the price and product descriptions on shelves can increase sales by 10% or more when compared to shelves without labels. Data Stripping (also known as Scanstrip or Ticket Stripping) is the low-cost, efficient way of displaying price, barcode and product description labels on shelf edges, baskets, bins and other retail situations.


Select from a range of profiles to suit different label sizes and different shelf sizes and shelf types. Any many of the profiles are available in a range of colours to compliment or contrast with the colours of your shelving and store decor.


To complete your displays there are accessories that are compatible with the Data Stripping. These accessories will help you to maximise impulse sales at the point of purchase. They include Ticket Clips, Wobblers and Wobbler Strips.



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