Budget Priced High Capacity Outrigger Shelving

The shelving choice for bulky or heavy stock.

Budget Priced Outrigger Shelving System is heavy duty shelving designed for medium to large stores that have bulky or heavy stock, including supermarkets, hardware, pet supplies, liquor outlets, paint stores, discount pharmacies .... and more. Or for any retailer wanting to create a "discount warehouse look" for their business.

Outrigger Shelving is two to three times stronger than standard gondola shelving. Plus it provides overhead storage on the top canopy for backup stock.

The large range if sizes, shelf styles, and accessories make it adaptable for any type of merchandise whether it is shelved or hang-sell stock, or even clothing.

The standard options for Budget Priced Outrigger Shelving are shown below. We can also supply, subject to minimum order quantities, custom-manufactured Outrigger Shelving made to your specifications. Email us for details.



These are a few of the businesses for which Outrigger Shelving is frequently specified:

General Supermarket Lines

Pet Food and Pet Supplies

Heavy Liquid Items

Bulk Confectionery

Discount Pharmacy

Hardware, Rural and Marine


Discount Health and Beauty

Bread and Bakery Lines

Sporting, Sportswear and Clothing

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