Acrylic Deli Risers for Fresh Food Displays

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Acrylic Deli Risers

Add elevation to the Bowls and Trays in your fresh food display

These Acrylic Deli Risers for fresh food displays are similar to the Polycarbonate Deli Risers shown on a separate page. They are made from premium gloss acrylic and are readily available in plain Black, White and Clear.

Use the Black Risers with White Trays and Bowls to add contrasting colours to your displays. Or White Risers with the Black Trays and Bowls.

The Clear risers work well in seafood displays particularly when surrounded by real (or even imitation) ice.


  • Made from 4.5mm thick, easy-to-clean acrylic
  • Readily available in 3 standard heights
  • Includes slots for air circulation

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