Wicker Display Baskets

A great way to add a farm-fresh, rustic appearance to your displays.

Our Wicker Baskets are part of our large range of rustic display products that includes Wooden Crates, Barrels and Polywicker Baskets.

These display baskets are great when used exclusively in small boutique produce retailers. Or they can be combined with traditional tubs and trays to create visual interest and excitement in the produce departments of larger retailers.

And they are not just for produce. They are also a perfect display accessory for impulse lines like olive oil, nuts, dried fruit, groceries, snack foods, confectionery, packaged pasta, herbs and spices and more.

Select from three sizes of Wicker Baskets.


Wicker Basket - Round

*Carton of 20*


Wicker Basket - Round

400 dia. x 200mm


Wicker Basket - Rectangular Slant

380 x 480 x 160/260mm


Wicker Basket - Oval

580 x 290 x 200mm