Mini Metal Blackboards

Mini Metal Blackboards are perfect for informal in-store signage.

These small metal-backed blackboards are the perfect solution for businesses wanting to give an informal, rustic appearance to their displays. They are sure to attract the attention of your customers and help stimulate impulse purchases.

Hang them using the rustic rope hanger. Or use one of our display clips or stands to display them in virtually any retail situation.

Mini Metal Blackboards are ideal for bakers, florists, home-wares, market stalls, fruit and vegetable retailers, garden shops and delicatessens. Or
any business looking for something that is a little different when it comes to in-store signage.

For information on our similar hand-writable coloured acrylic signboards click here.

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About Mini Metal Blackboards

Pack of 4

DDI001408 Mini Metal Blackboard 247x158mm

Pack of 4

DDI001409 Mini Metal Blackboard 218x138mm

Pack of 4

DDI001410 Mini Metal Blackboard 187x118mm

Pack of 4

DD1001411 Mini Metal Blackboard 160x110mm