BUY External Weather Resistant Poster and Notice Display Cases

Weatherproof, lockable and pinnable display case for posters and notices.

Our range of weather resistant poster and notice display cases are the perfect way to visually communicate important printed information clearly and securely ... inside or out.

Some businesses describe their Poster and Notice Display Cases as 100% waterproof. Unfortunately this is misleading. If you completely immerse them in water they will leak.

Our Poster and Notice Display Cases shown on this page are weather resistant. They feature an internal rubber 'gasket' that seals the door when closed providing outstanding protection from all elements including water and dust. They are the perfect solution for displaying and protecting posters and notices outdoors or indoors in wet and dirty environments.

Select from 4 standard sizes. Our subject to minimum order quantities and manufacturing lead times these display cases can be supplied in custom sizes to suit your own specifications.




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About External Weather Resistant Poster and Notice Display Cases


TX6000 Weather Resistant Display Case 1050x1080mm


TX6001 Weather Resistant Display Case 920x1080mm


TX6002 Weather Resistant Display Case 590x1080mm


TX6003 Weather Resistant Display Case 590x760mm

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