BUY Clothes Hangers

A great range of hangers in colours, styles and prices to suit all garments.

Good quality hangers will add to the presentation, appearance and life of your merchandise and help you increase sales.

Our Plastic Clothes Hangers are Australian-made to suit Australian sizes and styles. Select from hangers for upper and lower body garments in several grades. Low cost shorter-life hangers are typically used by clothing manufacturers to ship their stock. The long-life and display hangers are designed for in-store use and to be reused over many years.

If you are selling fashion garments consider our large range of Timber Clothes Hangers. Wishbone hangers for upper body garments. Clip hangers for lower body garments. Adult and kids sizes. Premium and Budget Prices. Natural timber, black, white or mahogany finishes.

And Metal Clip Hangers for heavier garments such as jeans and workwear.


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