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The cost effective and simple way of displaying clothes.

These Premium quality Bodyforms are open-back moulded bodyforms made from heavy duty textured plastic for long lasting results. Unlike some imported Bodyforms this range will not fade or change colour in most retail display situations.

Hang them in windows or on walls. Suspend them from the ceiling. Or add them to display racks.

Note: All items are not held in stock. Please check the descriptions for each item for details of product availability and despatch times.


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About Bodyforms

BF801 - Premium Bodyform - Female - Skintone

BF802 - Premium Bodyform - Female - Black

BF804 - Premium Bodyform - Female - White

BF805 - Premium Bodyform - Female - Transparent

BF9800 - Premium Bodyform - Male - Black

BF9801 - Premium Bodyform - Male - Skintone

BF9805 - Premium Bodyform - Male - Transparent

BF891 - Premium Bodyform - Maternity - Skintone

BF701 - Premium Bodyform - Extra Large - Skintone

BF057 - Bodyform - Childs - Black

BF056 - Bodyform - Childs - Skintone

BF058 - Bodyform - Childs - Black

BF059 - Bodyform - Childs - Skintone

3GSL800 - Stock Retrieval Pole

FMB/4 - Pole and Stand for Bodyforms

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