deli RISERS and steps


Risers and Steps are essential for many fresh food cabinet display cabinets

Use these Deli Display Risers or Tiering Units to add elevation to the Bowls and Trays in your display cabinet making it easier for customers to view all of your products.

There are two types.  Deli  Risers made from ABS Plastic and Polycarbonate are available in imitation Woodgrain, Black and Clear. Acrylic Risers are available in gloss black, white and clear.

Both types are sold in a set of three standard heights but these sets can be spit for smaller display cabinets. All are compatible with most of our Food Display Trays and Bowls.

These Risers are not just for delis. They are also frequently specified for butcher, poultry and seafood displays.

The Risers are easy to clean and feature slots to aid in air circulation.

Use these Risers along the complete length of your refrigerated cabinet. Or use them to create a special zone within your dispay for featured or value-added products. Create visual interest by varying the colour of the Risers and the bowls and trays.


More Information

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