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For fashion accessories.

Several styles of high quality heads and hands to display your fashion accessories including scarves, rings, watches, eye-wear, head-wear and larger necklaces.

This range of products is made from high quality fiberglass. The stylish designs will help give your displays a professional look and attract customers in to your shop.

Use in showcases or to create eye-catching window displays.

Note: We do not sell polystyrene head to store wigs etc. For these products we recommend that you try a wholesaler of hair care products or similar business.

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About Our Range of Heads and Hands

3I600GW - Accessory Head - Featureless

3I655GW Merchandising Head - Female - Tall - White

3I665GB Merchandising Head - Male - Tall - Black

3I650GW Merchandising Head - Female - Short - White

3I660GB Merchandising Head - Male - Short - Black

3I206GW Merchandising Hand - Long - Right Hand - White

3I205GB Merchandising Hand - Long - Left Hand - Black

3I200GW Merchandising Hand - Short - Left Hand - White

3I201GB Merchandising Hand - Short - Right Hand - Black

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