Polycarbonate Clear display Bowls

Polycarbonate Clear Display Bowls

Clear, round, Polycarbonate Display Bowls are a cost effective way to show off olives and anti pasto

Team them with our range of Steps and Risers to create the best looking, eyecatching displays of antipasto in your delicatessen. Or use them to display savoury and fruit salads, unpackaged youghurts, feta and soft cheeses.

If you have a medium to large deli cabinet it can look visually uninteresting if the whole cabinet is filled with identical looking display trays. For many fresh food retailers a better way to give their displays a lift is to create zones for different product groups by using fifferent styles and colours of display containers. This is frequently achieved by using round bowls for a display of antipasto products.

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Page last updated 24 July 2018