About Wooden Display Barrels

Wooden Barrels are a great way to stimulate impulse sales.

Wooden Barrels will help you to create unique, eye catching displays for many different types of products.
In Fruit and Vegetable shops and Supermarkets use them in front of deli cabinets and produce bins. They are the perfect display solution to display companion products like nets of garlic near the tomatoes. Or impulse lines like stir-fry sauce sachets near the meat department. Or to display seafood sauces near the fresh seafood cabinets. Or water crackers in front of your cheese displays.

Manufacturers of food products are also convinced of the benefits of these Wooden Barrels and are supplying them to major supermarkets to display their products rather than using visually-uninteresting cardboard dump bins

And they are not just limited to displaying fruit and vegetables. Use them to display everything from lollies and chips to socks, sunglasses, toys and small novelty items.

Applications for Display Stands

These display stands are not just for fruit and vegetables.

Here are just a few other applications. They are limited only by your creativity.
When these Barrel Display Stands are used as a rustic Dump Bin or 'Specials' Bin there are a few tips that will help you maximise their effectiveness:
  • Studies in US reveal that Dump Bins are the cheapest and most effective way to increase impulse purchases by customers.
  • These studies indicate that sales increase by 427% when products are placed in a Dump Bin.
  • Dump Bins (and Baskets and Barrels) increase the visibility of products and increase impulse sales by creating a sense of urgency by playing with the shopper's desire for a bargain.
  • For maximum efficiency position the Dump Bin in a high traffic area.
  • Focus on one category of products in each stand but add different colours so that your customers have to look through the display, 
  • Change the products on display weekly.

New Season Produce.

Packaged Bread, Cakes and Pastries.

*Do not overload*

Wrapped Confectionery.

Snack Foods.

Seasonal Promotions like Easter Eggs.

Plush Toys.

Pharmacy Lines like Tissues.

Hair Care and Beauty.

About Display Stands for Barrels

These Wooden Barrels and Display Stands have been designed to display a range of dry goods including firm fruits and vegetables.

They can also be used to display other produce like soft fruits, smaller flowers, breads and cakes but we recommend that you seal the raw timber before use or use a plastic liner to protect both the barrels and the products on display.

But they are not just for produce. These Premium Wooden Barrel Stands are also perfect for many other types of merchandise in your supermarket or food store: Bread and cakes, packaged pasta, bagged coffee, confectionery, toys ... and more.

The multi-barrel stands feature unique heavy duty cradles to support the barrels. These can be fully adjusted up and down and around the poles to help you create maximum visual impact and show off your merchandise to best advantage.

And they make the best display unit for plush toys and teddy bears.

A range of rustic and conventional ticketing options is available to complete your display. Buy Wooden Barrel Display Stands here.

Select from a 4 Barrel Stand.

The pole and cradles for the stand are made from heavy duty steel and are powder coated black.

The barrel stands have a strong, stable 5-leg base. Made from heavy duty plastic. Easy DIY assembly required.

Close up view of the craddles. Made from 6mm steel rod.

Close up of the craddle and barrel.

Close up view showing how the cradles sit on the pole.

The cradles are fully adjustable up and down the pole.

Uses the Small Wooden Barrel.
320mm Diameter at the Top.
230mm Diameter at the Base.
250mm High.

Use Wood Wool to dummy up your displays and line the barrel.
Doing this will add to the rustic charm.

A range of ticketing options are available.
From Pop Clips to Ticket Signs.
Please ask for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Are these barrels suitable for children's toy boxes?
No. Our barrels are specifically designed for use in retail displays.

02. Are these barrels suitable for outside use?
No. Our barrels are not sealed and are designed for internal use only. They are not suitable for use as containers for living plants.

03. Are these barrels suitable for direct contact with unwrapped, edible food such as fruit and vegetables?
We recommend lining the barrels with a suitable material to protect edible foods and to make the barrels easier to clean. Suitable materials include plastic, wood wool, scrunched hessian fabric. Ask us for details

04. Are these barrels water tight.

About Single Wooden Barrels

Fact File:

 Made from: Real wood with a dark timber stain. Black powdercoated steel banding and handles
 Made in: Designed in Australia. Made in China.
 5 Sizes:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • Extra Extra Large
 Colours available:
  • Dark Timber stain
  • Cherry Pine stain
 Availability: Large stocks warehoused in Australia
 Main Features:
  • Fruit and Vegetable Displays
  • General retail displays
  • Impulse and 'Specials' Bins

Close-up showing the strong grainy texture of the wood accentuated by
the timber stain.

Close-up of the rim of the barrel showing the  tongue and groove construction
which provides added strength.

Close-up showing the black powdercoated band and

Dummy Bases sit in the wooden barrel allowing you to use less stock to still give the look of abundance and fullness.

2-Barrel 2-Tier Combination Set
Includes 2 Barrels, Ticket Frame
and Shaft and False Bottom
for the top Barrels.
Great for stimulating impulse sales in any high traffic area in your store.

8-Barrel 2-Tier Combination Set
Includes 8 Barrels, Ticket Frames
and Shafts and False Bottoms
for the top 4 Barrels.
Great for stimulating impulse
sales in front of deli cabinets
and produce bins.

6-Barrel 2-Tier Combination Set
Includes 6 Barrels, Ticket Frames
and Shafts and False Bottoms
for the top 3 Barrels.
Originally designed to display potatoes
but works just with apples, onions, dry goods and toys.

4-Barrel Combination Set with
wire stands. Includes 4 Barrels,
4 Stands, Ticket Frames and Shafts
and False Bottoms for the Barrels.
Great for stimulating
impulse sales in front of deli
cabinets and produce bins.

Applications for Single Wooden Display Barrels

Applications for the Single Barrels include:

Fresh Produce
Pre-line the barrel first.

Fresh Flowers
Seal and Pre-line the Barrel first.

Candy and Snack Foods.

Prepackaged foods like Pasta.

Bread, Cakes and Pastries.

Snack Foods.

Crafts and Hobbies.

Toys and Games.

Plush Toys and Teddy Bears.

Signage Solutions for Barrels and Stands

Maximise the Impact of the Barrels by adding signage solutions.

Ticket Frames and Stands
Suitable for Barrel Displays on
Shelves, Counters or Produce Bins.

Ticket Frames and Heavy Duty
Clip-on Stands. The best solution
for ticketing these Barrels.

Standard Clip-on Ticket Frames
The economical version of Clip-on
Ticket frames.

Mini Ticket Frames to clip-on
to the fronts of the Barrels.

Mini Metal Blackboards for
handwritten chalk signs.

PVC Pouches or your own
laminated signs. With Pop Clips.