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Perfect for displaying swimwear, sportswear and underwear.

The body separates are available in male and female styles in colors to match the extensive range of torsos shown on other pages of this web site.

Use these body separates to merchandise clothing on a shelf or high ledge to highlight the garments on display below.

Please Note: We do not hold large quantities of these items in stock. Allow 3-10 days for despatch of most items on this page.


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Applications for Body Separates

BBTOPFF - Female Upper Torso - Flesh

BBTOPFB - Female Upper Torso - Black

BBTOPFW - Female Upper Torso - White

BBBUMFF - Female Bottom - Flesh

BBBUMFB - Female Bottom - Black

BBBUMFW - Female Bottom - White

BCTOPMF - Male Upper Torso - Flesh

BCTOPMB - Male Upper Torso - Black

BCTOPMW - Male Upper Torso - White

BCBUMMF - Male Bottom - Flesh

BCBUMMB - Male Bottom - Black

BCBUMMW - Male Bottom - White

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