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Our most popular, premium quality timber hangers.

The Timber Clothes Hangers on this page are heavy duty hangers manufactured from 10mm to 20mm thick timber depending on the style of the hanger.

They are finished in a clear satin finish and show relatively uniform timber colour and grain. There are little or no significant imperfections present in the timber. All metal components are chrome plated. The timber hangers with metal clips feature soft plastic jaws to protect your clothing.

For Premium Timber Clothes Hangers in Gloss Black, Mahogany and Gloss White finishes click here.

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 Scroll down the page to view the complete range of Premium Timber Hangers: 

Carton of 100

3H81211C - Timber Wishbone Clothes Hanger

Carton of 100

3H8910C - Timber Clip Clothes Hanger

Carton of 100

3H830C - Timber Jacket Hanger with Rail

Carton of 100

3H840C - Timber Wishbone Hanger with Metal Clips

Carton of 100

3H42311C - Kid's Timber Wishbone Clothes Hanger

Carton of 100

3H4228C - Kid's Timber Clip Clothes Hanger

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Page last updated 07 March 2014

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