BUY Expanda-Stand Wall Brochure Displays

The perfect space-saving wall display.

Expanda-Stand Wall-mounted Brochure Displays are functional, attractive and are easy to change as your needs require.

Space permitting simply clip-on additional brochure holders. The Expanda-Stand brochure pockets can be tiered up to 4 rows deep. For additional capacity install more of the Aluminium Wall Bar and clip on more brochure pockets.

Expanda-Stand Wall-mounted Displays are suitable for brochures, postcards, magazines and leaflets.

Select from the standard, commonly specified configurations shown below or create your own unique displays using the Expanda-Stand Brochure Display Components.

Alternatively email us for a quotation for your specific requirements.


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WD8A4 - Wall Brochure Display - 8 A4 Holders

WD16TF - Wall Brochure Display - 16 Trifold Holders

WD8TF4A4 - Wall Brochure Display - 8 TF + 4 A4 Holders

WD16TF8A4 - Wall Brochure Display - 16 TF + 8 A4 Holders

WD16A4 - Wall Brochure Display - 16 A4 Holders

WD32TF - Wall Brochure Display - 32 Trifold Holders

WD24PH - Wall Brochure Display - 24 Postcard

WD16PV - Wall Brochure Display - 16 Postcard

WD8PV18PH - Wall Brochure Display - 26 Postcard

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