BUY Expanda-Stand Brochure Carousels

The first brochure carousel on the market featuring interchangeable brochure and postcard pockets.

Expanda-Stand Brochure Carousels are modular. They can be supplied with one. two, three or four spinners (levels). And each spinner can be used with any of the brochure and card holders.

If your mix of brochures changes in the future simply swap over the interchangeable pockets.

Expanda-Stand Carousels are suitable for brochures, postcards, magazines and booklets. They are also suitable for some greeting cards provided the cards match the pocket sizes.


Select from the standard, commonly specified configurations shown below or create your own unique displays using the Expanda-Stand Brochure Display Components.

Alternatively email us for a quotation for your specific requirements.


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C36TF-3 - Brochure Carousel - With 36 x Trifold Pockets

C48TF-4 - Brochure Carousel - With 48 x Trifold Pockets

C72TF-3 - Brochure Carousel - With 72 x Trifold Pockets

C18A4-3 - Brochure Carousel - With 18 x A4 Pockets

C24A4-4 - Brochure Carousel - With 24 x A4 Pockets

C18A5-3 - Brochure Carousel - With 18 x A5 Pockets

C24A5-4 - Brochure Carousel - With 24 x A5 Pockets

C12TF18A46A5-3 - Brochure Carousel - With 36 Mixed Pockets

C36TF18A4-3 - Brochure Carousel- With 54 Mixed Pockets

C54HP-3 - Carousel with 54 Horizontal Postcard Holders

C54VP-3 - Carousel with 54 Vertertical Postcard Holders

C36VP27HP-3 - Carousel With 36V and 27H Postcard Pockets

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