BUY Expanda-Stand Counter Brochure Displays

Let your reception area or front counter work for you.

Expanda-Stand Counter-top Brochure Display units are a quick and easy way od displaying brochures on counters and shelves.

To display small quantities of brochures or postcards simply clip on the VS80 Support Foot to create a free-standing unit.

For greater capacity select from our range of one-piece construction tiered brochure display units. And for high capacity displays consider the aluminium framed counter-top display units.


Select from counter-top display units to suit A4, A5, Trifold (DL) and postcard sizes.

   Scroll down the page to view the complete product range:   


PRSU4A4 - Multi-Pocket - 4 Tier A4 Brochure Holder

PRSU2A4 - Multi-Pocket - 2 Tier A4 Brochure Holder

PRSU4TF - Multi-Pocket - 4 Tier Trifold Brochure Holder

PRSU4A5 - Multi-Pocket - 4 Tier A5 Brochure Holder

PRTTTF - Table-Top Brochure Holder - One Trifold Pocket

PRTTA5 - Table-Top Brochure Holder - One A5 Pocket

PRTTA4 - Table-Top Brochure Holder - One A4 Pocket

PRTTHP - Table-Top Unit - One Postcard Pocket

PRTT2HP - Table-Top Unit - Two Postcard Pockets

PRTT3HP - Table-Top Unit - Three Postcard Pockets

PRTTVP - Table-Top Unit - One Postcard Pocket

PRTT2VP - Table-Top Unit - Two Postcard Pockets

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