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Most Cable displays are designed and installed by us. Email us for a quotation.

These prices are supplied for the do-it-yourselfer. Technical and Installation Guidelines are available on request.

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CAB789SC - Cable Ceiling Assembly - Satin Chrome

CAB78910SC - Cable Floor Assembly - Satin Chrome

CAB1SC - Cable Shelf Support - Satin Chrome

CAB2SC - Cable Twin Display Support - Satin Chrome

CAB3SC - Cable Twin Shelf Support - Satin Chrome

CAB4SC - Cable Panel Support - Satin Chrome

CAB5SC - Cable Brochure Support - Satin Chrome

CAB6SC - Cable Banner Support End - Satin Chrome

CAB1109SC - Cable Wall Panel Support - Satin Chrome

CAB1213SC - Cable Wall Panel Mount Fix - Satin Chrome

CAB1513SC - Cable Panel Mount Fix - Satin Chrome

CAB14SC - Cable Ceiling & Wall Support - Satin Chrome

CABSW1.5 - Cable Wire - 3 metre length

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