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Slatwall Side Hang Rails are best used for high capacity clothing displays, typically at lower levels on the wall or display unit. They allow your customers to clearly see the colours of the garments available and to browse through your stock.

Our Slatwall Straight and Sloping Arms present the garment front-on and are most commonly used at eye level on your displays. They are best used when identical or similar styles are hung on the same display arm.

All items listed on this page are our best selling Slatwall Clothing Display Arms and Rails and are readily available for prompt delivery. 

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About Slatwall Clothing Display Arms

SWBAF9C - Slatwall 10 Prong Sloping Blouse Arm

SW7BPC - Slatwall 7 Ball Sloping Blouse Arm

EFF21010 - Slatwall 10 Prong Face Out Arm

BFSWSBA - Budget Slatwall Sloping Blouse Arm

EFF10150 - Slatwall Straight Faceout Arm - 150mm

EFF10300 - Slatwall Straight Faceout Arm - 300mm

BFSWSA250 - Budget Slatwall Straight Arm - 250mm

BFSWSA300 - Budget Slatwall Straight Arm - 300mm

SWSA - Straight Arm - 250mm

SWSA300 - Straight Arm - 300mm

SWCA - Slatwall Cranked Arm

EFF4005 - Slatwall 5 J-Hook Sloping Handbag Arm

SWBA5JC - Slatwall 5 J-Hook Straight Handbag Arm

SWSHR600 - Slatwall Side Hang Rail - 600mm

SWSHR900 - Slatwall Side Hang Rail - 900mm

BFSWOWB - Slatwall Budget Outerwear Bracket for Clothing

SWR10BC - Slatwall Heavy Duty Outerwear Bracket for Clothing

RU3 - Chrome Rail - 25mm x 900mm

RU4 - Chrome Rail - 25mm x 1200mm

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