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Slatwall Hang-Sell Display Prongs for all types of merchandise.

Whether you need to display clothing accessories, hardware lines, computer accessories or gifts and toys, we have the right Slatwall Display Hook for the job.

Use the Slatwall Pegboard Style Prongs to display lightweight items. Or the heavier duty Slatwall Display Prongs with backplates to display heavier products. The double wire Europrongs will help you to keep your merchandise hanging perfectly.

We can also supply a specialised range of Slatwall Hang-Sell Prongs and these are shown on a separate page. For details click here.

Standard Pegboard Hooks and Flipper Pegboard Hooks with Label Plates are compatible with Slatwall. For more details on these products click here.

  Scroll down the page to find out more or to purchase our Slatwall Hang-Sell Display Prongs: 

About Slatwall Hang-Sell Display Prongs


SWPB75C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 75mm


SWPB100C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 100mm

SWPB150C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 150mm

SWPB200C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 200mm

SWPB230C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 230mm

SWPB300C - Slatwall Heavy Duty Display Prong - 300mm

PB76C - Slatwall Pegboard-Style Display Prong - 76mm

PB152C - Slatwall Pegboard-Style Display Prong - 152mm

PB229C - Slatwall Pegboard-Style Display Prong - 229mm

PB305C - Slatwall Pegboard-Style Display Prong - 305mm

BFEP150 - Budget Slatwall Europrong - 150mm

BFEP230 - Budget Slatwall Europrong - 230mm

BFEP300 - Budget Slatwall Europrong - 300mm

Bag of 25

ICC10 - Inventory Control Clip for Pegboard Hooks

All prices include GST but exclude Packing and Delivery Charges.
The Minimum Order Excluding Packing and Delivery Charges is $75.00.

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