Slatwall Features, Benefits and Specifications

The grooved panel-based display system.

Create your own unique displays for virtually any merchandise. No two installations need ever look the same.

Slatwall panels are available in hundreds of colours and finishes. Mix colours and finishes to create retail zones within your shop or to add visual interest to your displays.

With unlimited groove configurations you can select Slatwall panels to match the display requirements of your merchandise. And there is a choice of extrusions for the grooves.

With one of the largest range of Slatwall compatible accessories available you will be able to display virtually any product. 

Slatwall Panel Sizes

Unlimited Groove Configurations

Hundreds of Colours and Finishes

More Information

All prices include GST but exclude Packing and Delivery Charges.
The Minimum Order Excluding Packing and Delivery Charges is $75.00.

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