BUY Monarch Marking Tag Attachers and Fasteners

The better designed Tag Attacher and Plastic Fasteners to suit.

Monarch Marking Tag Attachers are designed to attach price and brand tags to garments and other items, quickly, safely, securely and cost-effectively. Great for use with apparel, plush toys, linen or fabrics.

It is the only one available in the world with a non-slip cushioned, comfort grip moulded in to the hangdle trigger. This special patented design provides a firmer hold. It is soft to the touch and easy in the hand.

The Plastic Fasteners are available in regular style in three sizes. Or the hook style for hanging applications. Both styles are connected at both ends to avoid tangling. The smooth edges prevent snagging of expensive or fine material

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MO3020SG - Monarch Marking Soft Grip Tag Attacher

00382 - Plastic Fastener for Tag Attacher - Regular - 15mm

00385 - Plastic Fastener for Monarch Marking Tag Attacher - 25mm

00390 - Plastic Fastener for Monarch Marking Tag Attacher - 75mm

00374 - Plastic Fastener for Monarch Marking Tag Attacher - Hook - 50mm

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