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For tagging hard to price goods

Plastic Security Loops from Monarch Marking are the solution when you need to attach tags to difficult items such as eye-glasses, luggage, baskets, handbags and purses, jewellery, footwear and belts, sporting goods, tools, apparel and pet accessories.

Or any item which cannot be penetrated by the needle of a Tag Attacher. Security Loops are also great for delicate items like wedding dresses and fine-fabric clothing - just loop the fastener through a button hole and no damage is done to the garment.

Security Loops make price switching by customers difficult. Just push the tail of fastener into the head and the fastener is locked in place. No tools or needles are required.

Fast. Economical. Secure.

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About Standard Security Loops

About Adjustable Security Loops

00370 - Security Loop - Standard - 125mm

00377 - Security Loop - Standard - 225mm

00372 - Security Loop - Adjustable - 125mm

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